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social justice schedule fall 2009


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The Minor in Social Justice requires six courses:

01:904:201 Introduction to Social Justice (3 credits)

Description: Through case studies of pressing social justice issues, this course examines dynamics of oppression, linking competing theories of social justice to hierarchies grounded in race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, class, and sexuality, and to particular strategies for social transformation.

01:904:202 Practicing Social Justice (3 credits)

Description: Introduces students to diverse practices of social justice activism including grassroots organizing, labor organizing, political organizing, and transnational organizing. Readings about social change efforts are combined with student participation in community mobilizations, labor organizing efforts, political campaigns, and transnational social movement and NGO activism.

01:904:399/400 Social Justice Internship (3 credits)

Description: Interns work in social justice organizations. Supervision by assigned staff at the placement site. Seminar, student journal, paper, and assessment of work experience required.


01:904:401/402 Social Justice Capstone Seminar (3 credits)
Description: In depth exploration of a particular social justice issue such as globalizing inequality, gendered migration, war and displacement, refugee camps, militarization, the color of AIDS, asylum seeking, the prison-industrial complex. Topic varies with instructor. See website for details.

Choice of Three Electives from Approved List
Students may count at most one course toward both their major and their social justice minor electives.

To qualify as a social justice elective, a course must fulfill at least two of the following learning goals:
- Critically engage histories and geographies of domination;
- Critically engage particular population's experiences of oppression;
- Explore theories of justice in relation to reduction of social inequalities;
- Examine policy alternatives that foster collective action or redistributive effects.

Elective Social Justice Courses:

01:904:391/392 Topics in Social Justice (1.5 credits)
Description: Intensive investigation of particular social justice issues such as environmental justice, outsourcing of reproductive labor, the informal economy, the prison-industrial complex. Topic varies each semester.

01:904:493/494 Social Justice Independent Study (3 credits)
Description: Supervised individual study of selected topics of interest with extensive reading and a research paper.

Preliminary List of Approved Elective Courses:
The list of electives will be updated annually.

Africana Studies
01:014:208 Sociology of Black Economic Development
01:014:212 Politics and Power in Modern Africa
01:014:255 History of Black Education in the US
01:014:276 Black Social/Political Development
01:014:347 Health Issues African American Communities
01:014:353 Black Community Law Social Change
01:014:355 Blacks & Economic Structures
01:014:365 Black Migration and Urbanization
01:014:371 African Development
01:014:376 Pan African Movement

American Studies
01:050:240 Latino/Latina American Culture
01:050:305 Images & Narratives of War
01:050:324 Wayward Americans
01:050:325 Women on the Fringe
01:050:331 Ethnic America
01:050:376 Native American Lit in English
01:050:342 American Sexuality
01:050:346 Culture of US Imperialism

01:070:216 Anthropology of Modern Problems
01:070:222 Anthropology of Sex and Eroticism
01:070:223 Anthropology of Latin America
01:070:303 Wealth and Culture
01:070:305 Anthropology of Development
01:070:312 Languages and Social Diversity
01:070:319 Anthropology and Human Rights
01:070:320 Diaspora, Multiculturalism and Ethnicity in the US
01:070:324 Globalization, Sex, and Families
01:070:338 Anthropology of African People
01:070:372 Anthropology of the Body
01:070:374 Local Global Systems
01:070:376 Power and Difference
01:070:378 Anthropology of Gender
01:070:379 Gender and Power in Africa
01:070:389 Ethnography of Gender in South Asia
01:070:406 Rights and Wrongs of Indigenous Peoples
01:070:486 Gender, Development, Environment

Art History
01:082:332 African American Art

Criminal Justice
01:202:301 Human Rights and Criminal Remedies
01:202:327 Sex, Crime, and Justice
01:202:425 Race, Crime, and Justice
01:202:405 Ideas in Justice

01:220:302 Labor Economics
01:220:316 Health Economics
01:220:331 Economics of Crime
01:220:363 Economics of Taxation
01:220:375 Women and the Economy

01:350:369 Black Writers & the Sixties
01:350:371 Black Women Writers
01:350:370 Black Music and Lit
01:350:372 Lit of the Black World
01:350:376 Issues & Problems in Black Lit
01:351:366 Migration and Diaspora
01:351:376 Native American Literatures in English
01:351:377 Asian-American Literatures in English
01:351:460 Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
01:353:320 Marxist Literary Theory
01:353:426 Colonial and Postcolonial Theory
01:354:375 Film & Society

01:420:410 Sub-Saharan African Literature
01:420:411 North African Literature
01:420:413 Caribbean Literature

01:450:338 Geography of Africa
01:450:360 Cultural and Political Ecology
01:450:361 Gendered Geographies
01:450:363 Geography of Development

01:506:110 Age of European Global Expansion
01:506:114 World Civilization
01:506:221 History of Exploration
01:506:224 Slavery in World History
01:506:321 Disease in History
01:506:324 History of HIV/AIDS
01:506:330 African Diaspora Liberation Movement
01:506:361 Socialism and Communism
01:506:363 Imperialism
01:506:364 Colonialism to Globalization
01:508:222 Modern Africa
01:508:224 Women & Gender in Africa
01:508:260 Colonial Latin America
01:508:262 Modern Latin America
01:508:264 Latin America & the US
01:508:271 History of Caribbean to 1898
01:508:272 History of Caribbean Since 1898
01:508:280 Native American History I
01:508:281 Native American History II
01:508:300 Arab-Israeli conflict
01:508:305 Modern Middle East
01:508:307 Women in Middle East
01:508:321 African Cultural History
01:508:322 West Africa
01:508:325 Africa 15-19th Century
01:508:326 Islam in Africa
01:508:327 Africa WWII
01:508:330 Women in Mod S. Asia
01:508:332 S. Asian Slavery
01:508:335 Modern S. Asia
01:508:336 South Asia 1947-pres
01:508:364 Environmental History of Latin America
01:508:365 Revolutionary Latin America
01:508:367 Afro-Latin American Experience
01:508:368 Social History of Latin America
01:508:369 Gender in Latin America
01:508:370 History of Cuba
01:508:371 History of Puerto Rico
01:508:372 History: Dominican Republic
01:508:383 History of Native American Women
01:508:420 African Labor History
01:510:224 Gender & Society in Europe
01:510:261 History of the Holocaust
01:512:121 Health and Environment in America
01:512:316 Radicalism in America
01:512:322 Drugs, Medicine, and Society in US
01:512:360 Latino History
01:512:364 Blacks in Urban America
01:512:366 Race & Sex in America
01:512:368 Civil Rights 1900-80
01:512:369 Afro American History I
01:512:370 Afro American History II
01:512:375 Gay and Lesbian History in the US
01:512:380 Women in American History I
01:512:381 Women in American History II

Jewish Studies
01:563:261 History of the Holocaust
01:563:300 Arab-Israeli Conflict
01:563:356 Jews in American Society
01:563:359 Blacks & Jews in American History
01:563:375 Jewish Immigrant Experience
01:563:385 History of East European Jews
01:563:389 Jewish Politics/Power

Labor Studies
37:575:201 Development of Labor Movement
37:575:202 Development of Labor Movement
37:575:303 Black Workers in American Society
37:575:307 Latino Workers in U.S.
37:575:309 Working Women in American Society
37:575:320 Immigrant Workers and their Rights
37:575:322 American Labor Unions in Politics
37:575:335 Women & Labor, U. S. & Global
37:575:357 Social Movements, Social Change & Work
37:575:359 Organizing for Social Change
37:575:360 Union Organizing
37:575:363 Labor & the Global Economy
37:575:364 Diversity at Work

Latino, Hispanic and Caribbean Studies
01:595:201 Caribbean Women in the US
01:595:204 History of the Caribbean to 1898
01:595:205 History of the Caribbean since 1898
01:595:299 Latinos in Community
01:595:327 Gender, Sex, and Representation in Latino Communities
01:595:371 History of Puerto Rico
01:595:372 History of the Dominican Republic
01:595:390 History of Cuba
01:595:298 Latinos & Migration
01:595:300 Slavery in Caribbean
01:595:326 Gender and Sexualities in the Caribbean
01:595:329 Latino Politics in the US
01:595:370 Law & Latino Communities in the US

01:730:105 Current Moral and Social Issues
01:730:106 Current Moral and Social Issues
01:730:258 Philosophy & the Black Experience
01:730:330 The Ethics of War
01:730:342 Social and Political Philosophy
01:730:343 Marx & Marxism
01:730:346 Rights, Justice and Equality
01:730:347 Philosophical Issues in Feminism
01:730:250 Environmental Ethics

Political Science
01:790:317 Globalization in the Non-Western World
01:790:328 Conflict & Change in the Caribbean
01:790:329 Latino Politics in the US
01:790:333 American Race Relations
01:790:334 Politics of Black America
01:790:350 Environmental Politics in the US and Internationally
01:790:351 Contemporary Politics of the Middle East
01:790:355 Women & Public Policy
01:790:357 Comparative Political Economy
01:790:358 Globalization Democracy and Contemporary Capitalism
01:790:377 Marx & Marxist Theory
01:790:404 Politics of Criminal Justice
01:790:406 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
01:790:409 Courts & Public Policy
01:790:424 Gender & Political Economy
01:790:437 Politics of American Capitalism

01:920:108 Minority Groups in American Society
01:920:270 Sociology of the Third World
01:920:306 Race Relations
01:920:321 Urban Development and Community Change
01:920:332 Social Inequalities
01:920:375 Economic Sociology
01:920:440 Sexuality and Society

Spanish & Portuguese
01:940:460 Race, Class and Ethnicity in Latin America
01:940:462 Environment and Literature

Women's & Gender Studies
01:988:106 Women in the Global Economy
01:988:235 Dynamics of Race, Class and Sex
01:988:285 Lesbians and Gay Men in Society
01:988:303 Comparative Feminisms
01:988:310 South Asian Feminisms
01:988:312 African Feminisms
01:988:321 Queer Contexts
01:988:331 Theorizing Gender and Sexuality
01:988:332 The Color of AIDS: The Politics of Race During the AIDS Crisis
01:988:329 Race, Gender, Nation
01:988:368 Race, Gender and Subjectivity
01:988:337 Globalization, Sex and the Family
01:988:338 Transnational Sexualities
01:988:368 Producing Identities
01:988:371 Making Change
01:988:372 Contemporary Feminist Activism
01:988:394 Black Women in the US
01:988:395 Sex, Race and Videotape
01:988:405 Gender and Human Rights
01:988:429 Engendering Development
01:988:480 Ethics & Leadership
01:988:482 Feminism, Policy and the Poor
01:988:486 Gender, Development, Environment

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